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HASS Open Door is here to help if you are homeless, at risk of becoming homeless, or have housing related issues such as rent arrears, problems with benefits and debt.

Our friendly professional team can give you general and specialist housing advice, homelessness information and signposting to supported housing projects in the Thurrock area.

We can talk to you about choice based lettings, help you complete homelessness and other applications, and can accompany you to meetings or advocate on your behalf.

We can also offer debt advice and assist with financial statements and budget plans.



Mediation is a tool that we can use to prevent homelessness.

Mediation can help resolve difficulties between you and your family.

Mediation is a confidential and non-confrontational process, which allows each person in the discussion the opportunity to voice their views or concerns without feeling forced or pressurised into something they do not agree with.


Case study

names have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients



17 year old Karen came to us having been evicted from her parental home after months of arguing. She had been staying with her boyfriend at his parent’s house but there was severe over-crowding, so this could only be a temporary solution, and she would soon need to move on.


Karen also stayed with various different relatives and friends, but this was no longer an option as she had outstayed her welcome and was unable to pay for her keep. She was a full time student at college and had no income as her parents had been supporting her and were in receipt of extended child benefit payments.



During a chat with one of the HASS advisers, Karen was given information about Thurrock Council’s homeless department and advised that a referral could be made to their department, as due to her age and current circumstances she may be considered a priority case. Karen’s parents had to be contacted to confirm she could not return home and why, to make sure she had not made herself intentionally homeless. The adviser gave Karen an explanation of the type of accommodation that would be offered if an application was accepted, such as hostels, bed and breakfast accommodation out of the area or support with accessing private rented accommodation.


Karen was also given Information explaining how to access private rented accommodation, applying for welfare benefits and crisis loans for in emergency cases.



Karen was able to find accommodation in a local hostel enabling her to get her life back on track.